What is DevOps?

The synthesis of software development and operations practices. DevOps is broad stroke used to describe tools, processes, and best-practices focused on delivering high quality software quickly.

  1. Do more with less
  2. flow optimization vs resource operations
    • product vs dev vs qa vs marketing
  3. increase quality
    • shift left
    • quality first
    • High quality requirements
    • TDD
    • reduce TC of development


  1. Focus on operations
  2. Focus on tool
  1. Source Control
    • foundation
    • process and consistency matter, not the exact practices
  2. Cross functional teams
  3. Automation
    • automate those practices and execution
  4. CI/CD
    • the smooth road metaphor
    • developers need this to speed
  5. Monitoring
    • Increase observability
    • shorten the feedback loop


  1. Shift Left – We want to move quality to the front of the process. In order to do this, we need to embrace DevOps practices in order to efficiently do so.  Using development best practices, automation, and tools small teams can be as efficient as larger teams. 


Patrick Debois and Andrew Clay Shafer


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